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Places to visit while touring Penn State

Penn State University Park is a sprawling campus that provides tons of breath-taking backdrops. For many alumni, there are locations on campus that hold special meaning both while they were a student and during their returns to the area. Here are some “can’t-miss” locales on and off campus. There are so many things to see, and do but make sure you visit some of the key places to get the ultimate Penn State experience!

Penn State Nittany Lion Shrine

Nittany Lion Shrine

The Lion Shrine honors our beloved mascot, the Nittany Lion and has been standing sentinel near Rec Hall since 1940 and is a must-see while you’re exploring campus!

Penn State Creamery

Penn State Creamery

Over the last 150 years, the Creamery has been an important Penn State landmark with the worlds best Ice Cream. Try some Peachy Paterno or Grilled Stickies flavor!

Penn State Old Main

Old Main

One of PSU's first buildings was completed in 1867, the current incarnation was completed in 1930. Its recognizable bell, can be heard all throughout campus and downtown State College

Beaver Stadium Penn State

Beaver Stadium

Seating 106,572 Beaver Stadium is the second-largest in the nation and the home of the Nittany Lions. While the best time to visit is during a game you will definitely want see it when you are on campus.

The Corner Room Penn State

The Corner Room

The Corner Room bar & restaurant is a State College tradition whose ties go back to the start of The Pennsylvania State University.  Official new home for original Grilled Stickies!

The Mall at Penn State

The Mall at Penn State

Also known as Pattee Mall, and the Allen Street Mall, The Mall is a civic landscape of North American elms west of Old Main that extends from downtown State College to the central entrance of Pattee Library.

In Memoriam

There are many amazing sites to see on and off campus at Penn State and State College, PA but many great bars and restaurants have been lost and there are several below that need to be remembered.

The Rathskeller Penn State

The Rathskeller

Opened in 1933, days after prohibition ended The Rathskeller was the greatest college bar there ever was!  Whether doing a "Case Study" on Fridays after class or breaking a word record on  "Case Day" there was no better place to hang  out. The music, the atmosphere  and the cult of the Skeller is timeless. The beer, the laughter and the good times flowed freely at the All-American Rathskeller and beginning in 1983 they broke the world record for most cases sold in 1 day. And it wasn't just any beer they were serving, it was Rolling Rock. Case Day broke the record three more times. The record reached 943 in 1991, 1003 in 1993 and in 1996 reached the 1053 mark, which stills stands. Sadly the Skeller was closed by new owners in  2018 ending its run as Pennsylvania's longest continuously operating bar.  Listen to the WPSU report below.

2017 12-17 Rathskeller_Closing_WPSU Report.mp3
Ye Olde College Diner Penn State

Ye Olde College Diner

A classic American diner with a vibe you could only find at Penn State. The only place to hang out with your crew at 3am after the bars are closed to fuel up on eggs, french toast and their famous Grilled Sticky best served with a scoop of vanilla Creamery ice cream. Since it opened in 1929 The Diner had been a comfort-food port-in-the-ivory-tower-storm for students, townies and alumni alike. Ye Olde College Diner closed in 2018 and it's sad to know that we can never again stop by  for The Penn Stater, The Nittany Lion or any of the other specials. Luckily we can still get original Grilled Stickies at The Corner Room and The Creamery!  You can also buy them online! Click the picture above to order.