The Reality Of
Government Run Healthcare

This film highlights the plight of Lindsay McCreith, an Ontario man with a cancerous brain tumor who went to Buffalo, NY to receive the timely medical care that is rationed in his home country.

Directed By: Stuart Browning
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An example of the callousness of "single-payer", government-run health care systems as practiced in Ontario, Canada.
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Shows that having the government determine health care access and priorities can have truly unfortunate consequences.
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Highlights how a system without competition and profits will lead to tight government control, shortages and medical rationing.
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A short film which shows the reality of health care under Canada's socialized medical system.

Why Isn't Government Health Care the Answer?
Government-run health care systems typically deliver quick and cheap primary care to most people (and thus most voters). However, if one becomes truly sick and needs access to specialists and technology, they fall far short. Public systems cater to the needs of the health majority of voters, while denying care to the very sickest citizens. MORE >>

What's Wrong With American Health Care?
Why is health care so different from other sectors of the economy? Simply put, consumers don't pay for health care the way they pay for most other goods and services. The result has been high health care spending and waste. MORE >>

What Should be Done?
Rather than turn over basic health care decisions to HMO bureaucrats as we did in the mid-90's or to government bureaucrats as many are now advocating, we should choose market reforms that encourage competition, contain costs and give patients choices. MORE >>

The Myths of Single-Payer Health Care
A single-payer health care system is one in which a single-entity, the government collects almost all of the revenue for and pays almost all of the bills for the health care system. It's is popular among the political left in the United States who have emitted tons of propagand in favor of a single-payer system, much of which has fossilized into myth. MORE >>

What Is Consumer-Directed Health Care?
Consumer-driven health care is based on a simple premise: move health insurance back to a more traditional definition of insurance - that is, cover people for unlikely and catastrophic events. For smaller expenses, people should be empowered with health dollars, and thus given incentive to shop around. MORE >>

Special credit to Stuart Browning for videos & content

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